Ready Your Home for Super Bowl XLVII

Watching professional football is an American tradition and Super Bowl XLVII is no exception. Get your home ready for this weekend's televised event and prepare for fun!

  • Make any necessary repairs. Save serious renovations for another time; stick to taking care of items like wobbly banisters, tricky steps and loose floor tiles. Be sure to change burned out light bulbs too. Save fumbles for the playing field.
  • Clean up before kickoff. Although things may get messy while watching Super Bowl XLVII, it's best to start out in a nice clean home. Anticipate spills, drips and leaks by setting up a small clean up station complete with soapy rags and carpet cleaner.
  • Set up the game viewing area. Entice guests and family members alike with a large, flat-screen TV. Ensure there is ample seating for everyone who plans on attending. Comfort is key, so provide seats that allow for lounging. Consider adding extra throw pillows. And don't forget to add side tables and coasters for easy snacking.
  • Lay out the spread. Prepare eats ahead of time so nobody has to take time away from the action to make more goodies. Chill the beer and have plenty of finger foods on hand for munchie football fans.
  • Enjoy the game! Hang out with your friends, throw back a cold one and root for your favorite team. This is what home ownership is all about; doing what you love in your very own home.

Don't sit on the sidelines- make your home the ultimate place to enjoy Super Bowl XLVII.

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