Gardening at Home in Hampton Roads in January

January can be a grey, gloomy time, but in Hampton Roads home gardening is feasible and fun. This industrious pastime is also quite beneficial for plants around homes in southeastern Virginia. If a home is the cake, then landscaping could be considered the frosting, or what defines a residence. Gardens provide beauty, native habitats, shade, wind protection, food and more. Taking the time to ensure your garden is in good form during the winter months can pay off when the weather begs you to come outside and play.

If temperatures are relatively mild, planting is still an option for many types of trees and plants that enhance the landscape throughout the seasons. According to Sally Anderson of MSN Real Estate, homeowners are safe in pruning their shrubbery and deciduous trees during January. Window boxes can be a nice way to add a pop of color and enhance curb appeal to any home in Hampton Roads. Try light gardening by adding plants like Wintergreen or nandina with red berries, ornamental kale for visual interest and trailing ivy to cascade gently over the front.

This is also a good month to stay on top of leaves, as these nitrogen-rich crunchies are a mixed blessing. They make wonderful compost, and can be mulched to protect plants who need shelter from the frosty Virginia nights. But leaves left on the ground can cause lasting damage on lawns, so homeowners must ensure those leaves are gathered up quickly once they fall. Take care to protect your Hampton Roads home with a few gardening essentials in January, so those plants can put on a show the rest of the year.

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