Fall Lawn and Garden Tips for the Home

When sweaters are needed, it's an ideal time to work on lawn and garden chores around the home. Fall brings cooler weather, less daylight and premium conditions for plants. Save the nights for hot chocolate, but use the days to get those landscapes prepared for winter. Even homeowners new to gardening can use the following tips with relative ease.

  • Repurpose leaves. Those unfamiliar with composting might not know the benefits of fallen leaves, but these crispy castoffs can be the ticket to a more beautiful lawn and garden. Tear them into small pieces and use them to mulch flower beds or insulate spring bulbs. Mulch leaves with a mower into the lawn to increase water absorption and decrease weed growth next season.
  • Start planting. Fall is the optimum time to plant trees, perennials and spring flowering bulbs. It may seem more fun to plant things in the spring when the weather is getting warmer, but plants feel differently. The winter can give them time to establish themselves in temperate soil. So when summer comes, these plants will have a head start against the hot sun.
  • Divide perennials. Prolong the life of mature perennials by taking the time to dig them up and divide them. Grow these same varieties in other areas of the garden by transplanting the smaller plants. Or swap with friends and neighbors to get other perennials.
  • Prune canes. Cane plants like blackberries and raspberries need special care in the fall too. Remove weak or diseased canes and install a trellis for bushes over two years old.

Taking the time to keep up with lawn and garden chores for your home during the fall will lead to spectacular outdoor displays in the spring and summer.

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