Why it Makes Sense to Buy a Small House in Hampton Roads

A house of any size can be a home; small residences provide much more than shelter for homebuyers in Hampton Roads. Even for households with several people, living large in smaller spaces can be rewarding. According to article, Five Reasons You Should Buy a Small House, by Heather Levin, it was common for homes to be under 1,000 square feet in 1950, but by 2004, the normal size of house had jumped to more than 2,300 square feet. Is all that extra space necessary these days? A growing number of people in Hampton Roads don't think so.

Instead of thinking about what you'll be giving up- space; embrace all the things that await you in a small house- improved finances, strengthened relationships, less complications and green living. More times than not, small homes will cost less initially and they will also cost less to maintain, heat, cool and insure, which will keep more of those dollars in owners' pockets. As family members don't have numerous private spaces to retreat, relationships can benefit and bonds can be reformed. Little homes don't have the room for extra stuff so minimalism will become a way of life, making each day simply beautiful. Small homes are eco-friendly by nature as less materials are needed to produce them and maintain them.

When looking to purchase a home on the smaller side, we can help. Our agents have the resources to find just the residence you want, whatever size it may be. Hampton Roads is the perfect place to buy a small house.

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