Sell Your Home Successfully When You Have Pets

When it comes time to sell a home, it can be tricky for owners who have pets. Staging and decluttering a house is not so bad but when there are four-legged friends involved well, things get more complicated. There are three pet-related issues that can offend potential buyers: odors, damages and paraphernalia. Odors are noted as the most unpleasant problems and can deter even the most zealous of homebuyers. Unfortunately, pet owners may become desensitized to such odors over time and not notice smells that drive buyers away. Damages come in many forms and can also prevent offers from being made. A home's exterior can have holes in the yard and damaged decks, fences and landscaping. The interior can have chewing damage, broken screen doors, scratch marks and stained carpeting. Paraphernalia like toys, bird cages, fish tanks and litter boxes can distract buyers from seeing the home.

Our agents can help owners sell their homes by addressing what can be done about the pets.

  • Give the pets a vacation. Maybe a neighbor, trusted friend or family member can watch Fido while your place is on the market.
  • Remove pets for showings. If pets can't leave for an extended period of time, consider taking them (and their belongings) away for showings. Pet day care facilities often offer discounts for frequent visitors.
  • Appeal to pet owners. Let pet owners know they can bring their furry friends with them to this pet paradise- your property.
  • Stage the home with the pets. If there is no concealing them, consider dressing pets for success and making them as appealing as possible.

Cleaning and making necessary repairs will make a good impression. Animal magnetism doesn't have to be literal, especially in real estate. Use the right strategies to sell a home when you own pets.

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