Buying a Home in This Real Estate Market Requires New Strategies

The current state of the real estate market can be tough when it comes time to buy a home. According to Andrea Brambila in her article, Low Inventories Thwarting Buyers, many areas are facing extreme inventory shortages, that in turn lead to bidding wars and can frustrate buyers.

Fortune favors the bold and so do sellers in these times. Those looking for success in real estate can take the following tips to heart.

  • Get the best representation. Take the time to find an agent who will have your best interest in mind. Our agents are experienced in the local market and know how to effectively handle multiple bid situations if they arise.
  • Be ready to take action. Serious buyers can forget browsing. Be prepared to write an offer on the spot if a house catches your eye.
  • Keep an open mind. When you want to buy a home and there are not ample choices, remain open to possibilities. Maybe remodeling a master bath wasn't in your plans, but if the location and price of the home are good then that property could be the best option.
  • Stay positive. Maintaining a bright outlook may not seem easy, but it can ease the search process. When homes are scarce, time is short and buyers are plenty, know that the right home is out there and your agent will find it.

A house hunt in any market can seem overwhelming but a house hunt when homes are few and far between, well it can seem exasperating. That's where our highly qualified agents come into play; they can help you buy a home in Hampton Roads in any type of real estate market.

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