Build Hurricane-Proof Homes in Virginia Beach

When a major storm comes through Virginia Beach, buyers may reconsider their priorities and opt for building hurricane-proof homes. A triple garage and pool may be nice, but safety can be at the forefront of many people's minds once they see the devastation a natural disaster can bring. All it takes is a little ingenuity and the right builders for buyers to get the homes they want and the security they crave.

Those looking to build hurricane-proof homes can begin this endeavor with a few simple steps.

  • Find the right builder. Buyers don't have to be structural engineers to ensure they get homes that last through strong storms. Today's homebuyers don't even have to know how to protect themselves from what they fear, they only need to discuss their needs with an area builder who specializes in this type of construction. Look for someone who knows how to go way past what city codes demand.
  • Choose the right location. Real estate seems to revolve around location, and hurricane-proof homes are no exception. Lots are plentiful in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas, but buyers must look for land at elevations above average storm surge levels. If it's a beach home or nothing, then prepare to build up using materials like pilings to raise the house much higher.
  • Consider alternative home plans and materials. That Cape Cod with cedar shakes may be a beauty, but take the time to look beyond aesthetics to determine the safest port in the storm. Houses shaped like domes don't have roofs that can be ripped off and concrete walls can withstand hurricane force winds.

Ready to take the leap? Our agents can connect you with Virginia Beach builders who can build the hurricane-proof home of your dreams.

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