Don’t Wait to Remodel, Affordable Improvements Can Make Lasting Impressions

Homeowners who want to remodel can jump right in; many of today's improvements are affordable and pack a punch when it comes to making an impact. Start on the outside and work your way in or vice versa. According to Consumer Reports article Join the Remodeling Trend With Affordable Projects, sources indicate the home improvement industry is really picking up steam, and this development is slated to continue accelerating well into 2013.

As economic conditions keep improving, homeowners have the resources to take care of updates and home improvements they've wanted to tend to for some time. There are so many projects that can transform a space that budget-minded consumers won't have to compromise. Considering a remodel? There's no need to do everything at once. Sometimes starting small can be the way to make the most dramatic impressions while spending the least amount of money. Substituting creativity for cash can be a crafty way of renovating with a modern twist.

As the economy improves, so does consumer spending and the real estate market. Owners thinking in terms of selling in the not so distant future can get tips from our agents who stay on top of what features help homes sell in Hampton Roads. Forget the orange kitchen countertops and the custom murals; stick with neutral colors and cost-effective renovations. Sprucing up kitchens and bathrooms can work wonders, but don't go overboard. Moderate improvements are typically where sellers still see the highest returns. Whether it's for resale or the homeowners themselves, a remodel can be affordable and impressive.

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