Now’s a Great Time to Buy Properties, Invest in Real Estate and Build an Empire

Take advantage of opportunity before it's too late; buy properties and invest in real estate while the market still favors investors. There has never been a better year than 2012 to take this step or add to growing portfolios. Investment mogul, Warren Buffett, was interviewed earlier this year saying that now is an ideal time to buy single-family homes and use 30-year mortgages to do it. Yes, it seems just when buyers think interest rates can't get any lower, they drop another couple of points. Property prices are still low enough so deals can definitely be found.

Many novice investors may worry about where to begin, but buying real estate to accumulate assets can start out small. Some buyers may already own their own homes, and some may get their feet wet while purchasing their personal residences. Unlike the market several years ago, the current market is conducive to those who want to buy properties and hold them. Invest in real estate now for the long haul and come out on top.

When you're ready to take the next step, our agents are here to help. Many of our agents are actually investors themselves, so they can explain if a certain piece of real estate makes good financial sense. Sometimes fledgling investors can get excited or emotionally attached to properties, but our agents have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to turn a profit in this industry. They can even connect clients with reputable property managers here in Hampton Roads. Put the experience of our agents to work for you before you buy properties. Invest in real estate with our seasoned professionals to save money, earn income and build an impressive portfolio of performing assets.

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