Make the Most of Small Spaces for Fine Outdoor Living in Hampton Roads

Have small spaces, even outside of your home? Outdoor living is not about size; it's about creativity. Never let lack of square feet stop you from enjoying the beauty of the seasons in Hampton Roads. First, take an honest look at what you have to work with. If dealing with an overgrown five-by-five patch of weeds, it's okay- it won't stay that way for long. When scoping out the grounds, it's important to look for salvaging features. Make this outdoor space an oasis by drawing attention to unique features. Is there a wrought iron fence? A hidden flagstone patio? Some overgrown heirloom roses? Work with what you have.

The next task involves deciding what to do. Browse through design photos, landscaping magazines and home improvement websites for ideas. It is not necessary to find an entire garden that matches your tastes perfectly. A complete look can be designed from many different inspirations. Browse through helpful pictures at

Hardscaping is an important part of any outdoor living design. This term can include patios, pergolas, trellises, porches, decking, balconies, steps, walkways and concrete. If there are hardscapes that are staying, remember to plan the design with these elements in mind. Such surfaces provide the structure and can actually frame outdoor rooms. Small spaces in Hampton Roads can benefit immensely by careful attention to hardscaping.

Softscaping refers to natural elements. Flowers, grass, hedges, plants, vines, mulch and trees are all examples of what is used to soften exterior hardscapes. While it will depend on the amount of space and budgetary restrictions, several of these earthly finds can be used to create a private retreat. Small spaces blossom when multiple elements bring beauty and functionality together in outdoor living areas.

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