New Construction Homes — Are They the Better Value?

A new construction home is nice, but when it comes down to it- is it really a better value when compared to an existing home? There is no simple answer to this question because there are many variables involved. Homebuyers may think that because an existing house may cost less it can be a better buy. Less expensive? Maybe. A better value? Not necessarily. Although new homes may cost a bit more at first, here is why they could be the better value:

Safety — Researchers continue improving construction materials. Each year come new breakthroughs in home safety that guard occupants against fire, hurricanes, wind damage, floods, mold and more. Builders implement these substances in new construction homes. Existing homes may need updating, and updating things piece by piece can be expensive and time-consuming. When it comes to safeguarding those who live in your home- it is hard to find a better value than in a new home.

Features — Many of the features popular in modern homes were not available at the time existing houses were built. Second floor laundry rooms, recessed lighting, in-home offices and ample storage space are just a few examples of what builders add to today's homes.

Eco-Friendly — New technologies bring innovations that are kinder to the earth. Solar panels, solar water heaters, high efficiency appliances and insulated doors are just a few of the features that can be included in new construction homes. Additionally, there can be less of an ecological footprint left when houses are built off-site like modular homes.

Cost-Effective — Although a new construction home may come at a price that is initially higher than that of an existing home, over time the items that may have driven up costs pay for themselves and then some. Such can be said for new roofs, superior windows and more; these items don't require frequent maintenance, and can save homeowners money each month in heating and cooling costs.

Warranty — Buyers get real value when weighing in the fact that a warranty comes with each new home. If anything happens to go wrong, a reputable builder will take care of any issues quickly. Peace of mind is included in the purchase price of a new home. Newness- There's just something about the smell of new construction. Imagine walking into a brand new home knowing you'll be the first one to live there. Existing homes can never provide this type of value for the money.

Design — New construction homes often come with the latest designs offered today. Older properties may have choppy rooms and unsuitable layouts for today's household. Open floor plans, breakfast nooks, split floor plans and more are popular in many modern houses.

Customizable — One of the best aspects about buying a new home is being able to make it the home you want. Choose the paint colors, fixtures, countertop materials and flooring to create a true sanctuary. Sometimes builders will even let buyers make minor modifications to floor plans to ensure their homes are special.

When house hunting, know that buying a new construction home comes with added value that might not always be noticeable at first glance.