5 Reasons to Move to Hampton Roads

Reason 1. The scenery

With so many ideal settings, the natural beauty of Hampton Roads traverses many miles in a variety of ways. It is worth a move to Hampton Roads just to live in one of these pristine places. Water is everywhere and in many forms. The Chesapeake Bay is the heart of this region and affords sunsets like nowhere else. The Atlantic Ocean borders some cities and counties here giving coastal vistas that keep tourists coming back year after year. Currituck County is home to postcard worthy lighthouses that provide glimpses into the seaside life of yesteryear. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge consists of marshes, woods, meadows and beaches that are visited annually by migrating birds. Quality of life is high in this region of lakes, rivers and creeks.

Reason 2. The people

Relocating to Hampton Roads or anywhere new means meeting new people. The residents can literally make or break a region and in Hampton Roads- they make it. From retired citizens who have time to lend a hand to some schoolteachers who go above and beyond to make a difference, this place is buzzing with neighborly spirit. Volunteers are everywhere- animal shelters, community gardens, museums, food banks and more. Many neighborhoods are made up of friends who just happen to live near one another and that amplifies everyone's quality of life. Churches, recreational centers, clubs and community groups are just some of the places newcomers can meet people when relocating to Hampton Roads. The possibilities are endless and here, so are the friendships.

Reason 3. The real estate

Finding a new home may be quite a challenge in some parts of the country but not in Hampton Roads. There is no short supply of houses so the only trouble may be choosing the exactly the right home. Throughout the U.S., homes have dwindled in value and while Hampton Roads has not been immune, the area's sizeable median income and military presence has softened the blow. What this means for buyers is they can still find a large selection of choice homes at good prices. Types of real estate vary here and can include condos, single-family homes, new construction, estates, townhomes and more. Homebuyers who like vintage charm can find homes as well as those who want modern structures. A move to Hampton Roads can be aided by calling one of our agents at SimonHouses.com. They are familiar with neighborhoods and market prices throughout the different cities and counties and can alleviate some of the stress.

Reason 4. The fun things to do

This destination is the picture-perfect location where everyone can enjoy all kinds of fun under the sun. Relocating to Hampton Roads may bring out your active side. Fly a kite at Mount Trashmore or take a big gulp and try skydiving in Currituck County. Surf in the waves of Virginia Beach or ride Jet Skis in Chesapeake Bay. Take a yoga class amid the beauty of nature at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Tour historical sites in Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown and learn that what happened in Hampton Roads helped shaped American history. Be a kid again at Busch Gardens and Water County USA. Enjoy local events like the Norfolk Greek Festival, the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival and the Annual Suffolk Peanut Fest. Get festive with holiday celebrations like First Night in Williamsburg every New Year's Eve, the Annual Memorial Day Parade in Portsmouth and the Annual Lighted Boat Parade every Christmas season in Hampton. There is so much to do here; residents may spend less time in their new homes then originally planned.

Reason 5. The military

If you're planning to move to Hampton Roads, chances are you might be with one of the military branches. This community appreciates the sacrifices and struggles service members make for civilians everyday. Relocating to Hampton Roads means moving to a place filled with accepting people and understanding you're not alone anymore. The military funnels over $11 billion back into the local economy and this area knows where its bread is buttered. There are many events and special discounts for military families, which boost the overall quality of life. And for those not in the armed forces, you can rest assured knowing that over 100,000 active duty military are within arm's reach- now that's security.

Relocating to Hampton Roads can be one fun ride. Beautiful scenery, nice people, affordable homes, lots to do and the military make for some strong selling points. If a move to Hampton Roads is in your future, you'll be in for a treat. Welcome to your new home.