Moving to Norfolk? Find the Right Neighborhood

Moving to Norfolk? Then you'll be in good company. Finding a new neighborhood in Norfolk is not hard but choosing between all the available options might be challenging. Relocating to Norfolk can actually be a fun process. Starting a new job, buying a home, choosing new schools, meeting new friends and learning your way around Hampton Roads can bring smiles to the faces of new residents.

Whenever considering a move to an urban area, a great first step in choosing neighborhoods is looking at crime reports. Relocating to Norfolk means donning that sleuth hat and investigating which places have the lowest crime rates. The Virginian-Pilot records weekly crime reports in each neighborhood. Look online and call the local police for even more information. Finding a new neighborhood will involve touring some areas to see if everything looks as it should. Are there bars on windows and doors? Are there neon “keep out” and “no trespassing” signs frequently posted? Are there calling cards of vandalism like graffiti or broken windows? If there are signs for a neighborhood crime watch, contact them and get the real scoop.

An important factor to consider when relocating to Norfolk may be affordability. If buying a home within certain budget constraints is a concern, figure out which parts of town have housing options you can afford. Just because Lochhaven and East Beach are amazing neighborhoods doesn't mean there aren't less expensive areas that offer a similar feel. A knowledgeable real estate expert from comes in very handy in this part of the search. No matter if it's a condo, a co-op, a waterfront estate or a Center Hall Colonial, one of our agents can locate the right home for you.

For some homebuyers, moving to Norfolk means ensuring their children can receive a quality education. Public schools of Norfolk are worth looking into. Larchmont Elementary gets rave reviews from both parents and students. Granby High has an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and Maury High has the Medical and Health Studies Program. Local private schools make the grade too. Saint Patrick Catholic School features challenging curriculum and caring teachers in a top-notch facility. But be aware with some Catholic schools, residents must live within certain parish districts before children can be considered for admission. Relocating to Norfolk is more times than not, a family affair.

Finding a neighborhood can come down to priorities. What do you want to live near? Attractions? Work? Public transportation? Shopping? Entertainment? City amenities? Friends? Family? It could serve your best interests to pick the top three choices you want to live near and then arrange others in order of importance, highest to lowest. Residents can live near attractions like the Virginia Zoo in Riverview. If working on a military base, consider Willoughby Bay or Camellia Gardens. Living in Ghent, homebuyers have easy access to all kinds of shops, restaurants, entertainment and public transportation. Talbot Park is within walking distance to two city parks and the Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center. Moving to Norfolk can help newcomers take stock of what their lives have been missing so they can begin living each day to the fullest.

A neighborhood is nothing without the people: what kind of people do you want surrounding you? Don't even think about buying a home until you peruse the area and check things out. Moving to Norfolk means sorting through some areas, which may seem nice but are really geared for students. With universities around, know that some students may not have homeowner mentalities and live lifestyles that may not blend well with families. On the other hand, singles and young married couples may want to consider finding a neighborhood that has a hip vibe and attracts similar homebuyers like downtown Norfolk. Neighbors can turn out to be great friends so make sure you pick good ones when relocating to Norfolk.

When moving to Norfolk, the more research you can do, the easier your search will go. Use the Internet and up-to-date relocation periodicals to eliminate areas but make final decisions in person. Enlisting the help of a realtor experienced in the Norfolk area can really put things in perspective and shed some light. Finding a neighborhood and buying a home and can be rewarding when relocating to Norfolk.