Moving to Chesapeake?

Here are some tips for finding the right neighborhood for your family

Relocating to Chesapeake is a lucky break for newcomers. The trick is to find the right neighborhood before moving to Chesapeake, so you can feel like you belong. Crime rates aren't high, commuting time isn't bad, activities abound and public schools are as good as they get in Hampton Roads. The Chesapeake real estate market is stabilizing and letting homebuyers know now is the perfect time to buy.

Want to add years to your life? Then don't spend time stuck in traffic. Gridlock in Hampton Roads can be a bear depending on the time of day and where you're traveling. Ensure a good fit when moving to Chesapeake by checking the distance from neighborhoods in relation to work, activities and other frequently visited sites. Chesapeake covers a large territory, bordering Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and North Carolina. If you won't be working in the immediate vicinity of Chesapeake, check the mileage to see if it's workable before going further. Although, there are some Chesapeake real estate developments so nice that homebuyers happily accept commutes.

Looking at schools is usually part of the process when relocating to Chesapeake. It is hard to find the right neighborhood without taking school districts into consideration. Ask anyone in the area where great public schools are and the resounding answer will be “Chesapeake.” Hickory schools are in demand but Great Bridge Schools and Grassfield High seem to be the hottest tickets in town. Offering strong academics, a wide range of sports and various extracurricular activities, these schools appeal to both parents and students. Private schools like Atlantic Shores Christian continue attracting families throughout southern Hampton Roads. If private schools are for you then you won't have to find a home in a certain district when moving to Chesapeake.

Some newcomers might look for Chesapeake real estate based on their interests. Golfers may be interested in knowing there are several great courses like Cahoon Plantation, Chesapeake Golf Club and Battlefield Golf Club. Greenbrier Country Club offers golfing in addition to swimming, tennis and other activities. Boaters may consider relocating to Chesapeake for the dramatic waterways. The Intracoastal Waterway runs through Chesapeake allowing large watercraft access to the Atlantic Ocean. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy places like Northwest River Park and Campgrounds where visitors can go fishing, biking, canoeing and camping. Hunters, photographers and birdwatchers can enjoy time spent in the expansive Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

Any newcomer can find the right neighborhood with a little bit a time and research. Relocating to Chesapeake doesn't have to be difficult. Decide where you want to buy Chesapeake real estate near - schools, work, golf course, or maybe all of the above? Then go forward with that search. Moving to Chesapeake is becoming a popular trend: come and see why.