Sonya Grafton is a radiant person with a positive outlook that has such a powerful influence in her professional life and to those who have the pleasure of working alongside her.  She is open, honest, and a dedicated Real Estate agent to her clients and her co-workers.  “My clients matter”, Sonya states, “and they know that they always come first with me”.  To Sonya, her profession is not ‘work’ because she knows that she is helping another person shape their future by buying or selling a home.  Knowing that she is her clients’ advocate makes her work rewarding and she is never afraid to go the extra mile.  “I will ask for everything that I can possibly ask for just to make sure that my clients get the value they deserve”, Sonya explains. Going above and beyond is just a part of who Sonya is.

Born and raised in Barbados, Sonya moved to the United States in 1996 and lived in New York City until 2007.  As the oldest of 3 children who already lived in the United States, she wanted to be closer to family.  Additionally, Sonya wanted the “American Dream” for herself and her children.  “I wanted to have the American Dream for myself - to work hard and be successful,” Sonya recalls.  Success is what she found as a partner in her own massage business.  She learned the struggle and the reward of hard work, as well as how she wanted to be treated as a partner in a business endeavor.  Sonya’s move to Hampton Roads was another significant  move to continue on her path of success as well as remain close to her family.  
Sonya loves Hampton Roads because “it reminds me of Barbados,” Sonya laughs, “It is like being back home again!”  Compared to New York, Sonya loves that Hampton Roads has a more laid-back feel, and that even though you may be running around it is a good feeling of being productive and not just busy.  She also enjoys the strong military appreciation in our area.  Her daughter and her husband  served  in the United States Navy, she also has a sister and her daughter-in-law who is presently serving in the United States Navy. Living in the Tidewater area means that she can remain close to the people she loves most.  In her spare time, Sonya enjoys working alongside her husband at her church and helping her community.  She also loves being a mother to her 3 year old, cooking, and interior decorating.    

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