When Shamir Long first meets a real estate client, his number one goal is to develop trust. “I want my clients to know I am here to guide them and to help make the process as smooth as possible,” says Shamir. He understands that in order to work well together, there needs to be a high level of trust. Shamir exudes confidence and his easy smile and warm conversational way make it easy for his clients to quickly consider him a friend.


Once the friendship is established, Shamir keeps his clients’ trust by being available. Buying or selling your home is not necessarily a 9 to 5 process. You need an agent who is available when issues come up. Shamir also works to keep his clients informed. There are a lot of moving parts during the real estate transaction. Shamir works to make sure his clients feel that they know what’s happening and what to expect. He is a man of his word. “When I say I’m going to do something, I do it. And in the time frame I promised,” says Shamir.


Though there are many things that are routinely within the responsibility of a real estate agent, there are many surprises that just come up and need to be done. Shamir has a strong work ethic and is an agent who will go above and beyond to help his clients with whatever the situation calls for. “I want my clients to feel taken care of,” says Shamir. “I care that the transaction closes well.” Shamir is intuitive and observant and can pick up on cues when his clients are uncomfortable or unsure of something. He cares enough to resolve the issues that concern his clients.


Shamir moved to Hampton Roads 7 years ago when his job relocated him from Columbus, GA. Shamir got a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Economics from Mercer University in Macon, GA. He started working with Geico while going to school and found a long-term position with them after graduating. But after working 10 years in the insurance field, Shamir was ready for a change. He was drawn to real estate because he really enjoys the interaction with his clients. Taking a client on the real estate journey from start to finish, either looking for a new home, or selling their existing home, makes Shamir feel like he’s making a difference. “I love seeing the smile on my client’s face when it’s all done,” says Shamir.


Family is important to Shamir and he enjoys a close relationship with his younger brother and parents. His mom is originally from Panama and raised him with the rich heritage of the Panamanian culture. Shamir loves to make people laugh and considers himself a bit of a goofball. He loves to have fun, especially hanging out with friends and family. He plays drums and other percussion instruments. He also enjoys singing, both in the shower and karaoke with friends. Soccer is his sport when he gets the chance to play.

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