Regina Cropper is the kind of agent who will go above and beyond for her clients. “I want my clients to know my goal is to serve their best interests,” says Regina. She has over 20 years of experience in the service industry. “I really enjoy helping people,” she says.

 Regina is a go-getter who sets goals and chases them down. Regina is the kind of person whose motivation and self-determination are notice by her superiors and she routinely started in one position, only to be promoted to management positions. Early in her life she worked at A&N in retail starting as a seasonal hire and got promoted to store manager. At least 15 years of her work experience has been in finance both in customer service and management. Her skills and talents kept her moving forward. Regina later went after her bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and spent over 10 years in the health care industry. As gratifying as those pursuits were, Regina had yet another dream. She wanted to build her own business to stabilize her family’s future.

 After watching her uncle purchase 20 properties, one at a time, Regina was intrigued. With a little encouragement from her dad, she got her real estate license. Becoming a real estate agent is the perfect career to provide her with the business she was looking to build. Because of this career move, Regina now she spends her time helping other families secure their future through real estate investment.

 “Family is so important,” says Regina. And part of what helps a family grow is having a secure place to live. Regina loves to help people find homes where they can build family memories. It is her greatest joy to help families search for that special home. “I love to see the expressions on the faces of each family member as they find the home of their dreams.”

 It is her genuine kindness and compassion that keeps clients coming back. She always puts her client’s interests first and strives to make them feel like they are her only client.

 Regina was born and raised in Suffolk. She came from a large family with 2 brothers and 1 sister and learned the value of family as she was growing up. She has carried on the family legacy and has been married to her husband Kelby for 27 yrs. They too have 4 children; 28, 24, 26, and 10. Family is very important to Regina and she feels blessed to have her 4 children living near her. Faith and church involvement are also important to Regina. It is her faith that inspires her values and her desire to serve others.

 In her free time, Regina loves to travel. She’s been all up and down the East Coast. She especially loves travel that involves spending time with her family. Regina also loves to read and prefers anything inspirational. When it comes to food, Regina loves Mexican. You can find her at Plaza Azteca enjoying her favorite south-of-the-border fare. 

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