With 30 years in the real estate business, there’s almost nothing this seasoned agent hasn’t seen. “No two transactions are alike,” says Patricia Morgan. “You learn something new with every transaction.” One of the best things Pat has learned is, “If you focus on serving people and helping make their lives better, the rest of it comes to you.”

 Over the years this motivated agent has worked on every type of transaction, though much of her time has been spent in new construction as a new homes site manager. Pat is soft spoken, kind and got into real estate because she loves people. Working with first time home buyers is especially rewarding. “When someone comes in and they think they are just dreaming, and you are able to show them their dream is reachable… it’s the best feeling in the world!”


 Pat recalls working with a client who came to her new homes site. The client broke down in tears explaining she had gotten half way through the process of choosing a new home at another builder when she found out she didn’t qualify. Pat also found that the client didn’t qualify for the cost of new construction, but if she was willing to look at existing homes, Pat was sure they could find something just right for her. With a little effort, Pat found her an awesome townhome in Great Bridge that was perfect for her. “That’s what it’s all about,” says Pat. “Helping people. Helping people get a home they didn’t think they could have.”


 Don’t let Pat’s gentle demeaner fool you; she’s nobody’s pushover. Three decades of experience have trained her to be her client’s strongest advocate. She is loyal, trustworthy, and leads with integrity. Real estate has changed over the years, and Pat has changed with it. Her clients benefit from all the knowledge Pat has gleaned through years of transactions.


 Living in a military area, Pat is well versed in the VA Loan and all the ins and outs of eligibility. She has had the honor of helping military clients purchase homes from overseas locations as they were in the challenging process of relocating stateside without physically being here. Pat is also able to help clients sell as they are preparing to leave the area for a new assignment.


 Pat had been a stay at home mom when she first got into real estate. She and her husband would go to Open Houses just for fun. Her husband encouraged her to pursue real estate because she had such a love for it. When her youngest got into school full time, she pursued her dream. Pat’s clients are in for a treat. “You get my full attention,” she says. “You also get the benefit of all my experience. I will make you and your housing needs my priority.”


 Family and friends are a high value to Pat. She has two grown daughters who are doing great things; leaders in national organizations. Being grandma to her 7-year-old twins is the joy of her life. Pat also has close friends all over the country who would do anything for one another. She has flown to them to help in times of crisis and has had the blessing of them coming to her. “They say you are blessed if you have just one true friend,” says Pat. “Well, I have many!” She feels fortunate indeed.


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