There’s more to Loretta Horiguchi-Koehl than initially meets the eye. Originally from Seattle, this empathetic agent has sold real estate in Hampton Roads for more than 13 years. She says, “When I talk to people who have never been here, I tell them that the problem isn’t trying to find something to do; it’s deciding what to do!” Whether it’s traveling around the world, backpacking through national parks or helping buyers find just the right homes, Loretta finds happiness and satisfaction in reaching her desired destination. 

Before pursuing a career in the housing industry, she became a licensed massage therapist. Loretta later taught English in Japan for well over a decade. She took a new route after visiting family members who were Realtors in Hampton Roads. “I wasn’t here three days until they had me signed up for real estate classes.”

Loretta began working in this industry as a Realtor representing both buyers and sellers where she met her husband, Paul, who is also an agent. Next, she spent eight years as a buyer’s agent concentrating on finding her clients the right new construction homes. She learned much about the area during this time, as well as the new construction business. “If a neighborhood has been built in the last 12 years, I probably have either sold homes when it was being built or shown it when it was being constructed.” She also stresses the importance of agency even with new construction homes. “No matter what the transaction is, the buyer needs representation.” And Loretta cheerfully provides just that.

Working as a Realtor for several years alongside her husband before joining may give her an advantage, but she likes this dynamic. Loretta says, “I love the team concept,” and adds, “It’s positive here.”  She also likes the fact this group grants her the opportunity to sell new construction homes as well as resale properties. While 13 years of experience is impressive, clients get much more with this seasoned professional. She educates buyers and ensures they have all the information and options available, so they can make the best decisions. “I also try to make sure that my clients keep as much money in their pockets as possible.”  

Although a specialist in first-time home buying and new construction, buyers seeking existing homes find Loretta’s knowledge of the building process valuable in a market flooded with distressed properties. Sellers feel she brings a fresh perspective to those looking to sell their homes quickly. “It’s important for a homeowner to look through the eyes of a buyer so that his house can show the best way possible, giving the seller the upper hand.”

Selling homes allows Loretta to assist others. “I enjoy helping people, and feel I am making a difference in their lives in a good way.” It is her job to guide her clients however, she says, “It is very important that they know they are in charge.” This well-organized agent also understands the stresses involved with making such a large purchase. “I make sure my clients know I’m on their side and let them know they can call me anytime for anything.” Loretta also recognizes that each person is different and treats him as such. “Each buyer is like a snowflake; everyone is unique.” 

Work is not the only important part of her life, as she appreciates personal time too. “I try to make the most of every day, enjoy the people I’m with and the moment I’m in.” That moment may consist of walking on the beach, going to an art festival, listening to live music, eating a meal with family and friends or volunteering with some of her favorite groups: the Natchel Blues Network, her neighborhood gardening club and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Loretta lives near family and resides with her husband and two cats in Virginia Beach. She says, “Life is good.”

Recent Team Listings

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4900 Fennell, Suffolk, VA 23435
379000.00 | MLS #: 10281972
MM Dove Point, Poquoson, VA 23662
447000.00 | MLS #: 10281757
MM Dove Point, Poquoson, VA 23662
674000.00 | MLS #: 10281387
MM Dove Point, Poquoson, VA 23662
556000.00 | MLS #: 10281377
MM Dove Point, Poquoson, VA 23662
630000.00 | MLS #: 10281283
MM Dove Point, Poquoson, VA 23662
390000.00 | MLS #: 10281286
MM Dove Point, Poquoson, VA 23662
650000.00 | MLS #: 10281391

Loretta's' 42 Past Sales

Address Side Date Sold Price
102 Crawford Rd Yorktown, VA 23690 Buyer 04/26/2019 $418,490
217 Ashton Drive York County VA 23690 Buyer 04/22/2019 $240,000
3584 Campion Avenue Virginia Beach VA 23462 Buyer 06/26/2018 $204,900
2608 Sportsman Boulevard Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 04/23/2018 $278,000
1354 Auburn Hill Dr Chesapeake VA 23320 Buyer 10/27/2017 $410,000
4848 BEAMON ROAD Norfolk VA 23513 Buyer 06/13/2017 $274,900
670 TOWN CENTER DR Newport News VA 23606 Buyer 04/28/2017 $199,900
1 Academy Ln Hampton VA 23669 Buyer 04/18/2017 $72,400
1 ACADEMY LN Hampton VA 23669 Buyer 04/18/2017 $72,400
1309 GEORGE WASHINGTON HWY Chesapeake VA 23323 Buyer 01/19/2017 $105,000
308 PALEN AVE Newport News VA 23601 Buyer 12/29/2016 $145,000
4228 RIVER SHORE Portsmouth VA 23703 Buyer 11/22/2016 $155,000
1904 SHEPHERDS GATE Chesapeake VA 23320 Buyer 08/19/2016 $265,000
1244 LYNNHAVEN PKWY Virginia Beach VA 23453 Buyer 06/24/2016 $131,500
2500 CEDARWOOD DRIVE 2550 Gloucester County VA 23072 Buyer 04/05/2016 $1,000,000
7 FARINGTON CIR Chesapeake VA 23320 Buyer 03/25/2016 $160,000
2858 CROSS LANDING DR Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 03/24/2016 $291,600
648 Carolina Rd Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 10/23/2015 $100,000
1425 27TH ST Norfolk VA 23508 Buyer 10/13/2015 $189,000
4514 RIVER SHORE RD Portsmouth VA 23703 Buyer 09/08/2015 $140,299
613 FERRY RD Portsmouth VA 23701 Buyer 07/15/2015 $177,250
240 CRAFTSMAN CIRCLE Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 06/24/2015 $191,900
255 COLLEGE CROSS Norfolk VA 23510 Buyer 06/09/2015 $170,000
2004 GENEVIEVE TRAIL James City County VA 23185 Buyer 05/28/2015 $174,000
5100 BEAMON ROAD Norfolk VA 23513 Buyer 05/28/2015 $245,000
702 RIVER ROCK WAY Newport News VA 23608 Buyer 04/24/2015 $164,000
351 CHESAPEAKE AVE Newport News VA 23607 Buyer 04/13/2015 $189,000
1424 TATEMSTOWN ROAD Chesapeake VA 23324 Buyer 12/19/2014 $229,899
416 MAJOR ANDRE RD Virginia Beach VA 23462 Buyer 11/21/2014 $260,000
28 GREENFIELD AVE Hampton VA 23666 Buyer 10/17/2014 $150,000
201 CLIPPER CREEK LANE Isle of Wight County VA 23430 Buyer 08/22/2014 $299,900
311 HOPE ST S Hampton VA 23663 Buyer 08/06/2014 $100,000
1118 COMMERCE AVENUE Chesapeake VA 23324 Buyer 06/30/2014 $182,000
1510 Talley Cir Portsmouth VA 23704 Buyer 06/27/2014 $144,900
404 KINGSALE RD Suffolk VA 23437 Buyer 05/06/2014 $219,000
3524 OLD GRANDAD LN Chesapeake VA 23323 Buyer 04/29/2014 $293,000
1200 MALLORY ST1200 Mallory St N Hampton VA 23663 Buyer 02/18/2014 $123,000
3 OTSEGO DR Newport News VA 23602 Buyer 01/30/2014 $101,000
3736 WINDRIDGE RD Virginia Beach VA 23452 Buyer 10/18/2013 $217,000
2367 OLD GREENBRIER RD Chesapeake VA 23325 Buyer 10/17/2013 $109,900
110 GROOME RD Newport News VA 23601 Buyer 09/30/2013 $166,500
103 Laydon Way Yorktown VA 23692 Buyer 09/05/2013 $242,600