“Play on your strengths,” Krystal Mills advises her agents. It’s a motto she learned early in the real estate business and it has served her well. “I’ve been helping buyers and sellers for 10 years and now I want to help agents,” she says. As the Sales Manager for Fit Realty’s Suffolk office, Krystal is poised and ready to help her agents reach their goals.


As a young agent, Krystal learned the areas where she didn’t excel. Instead of focusing on those weaknesses, she focused on her strengths, which opened up new opportunities for her. She encourages her agents to do the same. “Instead of worrying about what you can’t do, focus on what you can do.” This motivational approach is what she brings to her leadership. “I really have a heart for helping people,” says Krystal. “Educating them is my thing.” Whether working with clients or agents, Krystal works to demystify the real estate process.


One of the strengths Krystal identified as a young agent was her ability to organize and streamline processes. She spent a few of her early years working on the back-end of real estate in transaction coordination where she learned all the ins and outs of closing real estate deals.


Her success in that area led to taking on the short-sale department of her brokerage. She streamlined the processes and learned everything she could about how to keep a short-sale deal together. This was just after the housing bubble burst and there were a lot of underwater properties. Krystal soon ventured into listing and selling foreclosed properties on behalf of numerous banks and lenders.  During her time working in this area, she learned about valuation and accurately pricing properties. She was then able to share her knowledge of short sales and foreclosures with other agents and help them learn to thrive in a different market.


Now as a Sales Manager, Krystal is able to take her decade of experience to help Fit Realty agents be the best agents they can be for their clients. This outgoing, friendly agent loves to create a fun atmosphere while keeping it educational and productive. “I’m going to be available and present,” says Krystal. One-on-one time with agents is important to her. One of Krystal’s other strengths is her active listening. She is able to decipher an agent’s goals, dreams, and aspirations. She plans on helping her agents discover their strengths and develop robust business plans. “I try to read between the lines and help agents see what they should and shouldn’t spend their time on,” says Krystal.


A high energy multi-tasker, Krystal will still be available to help clients with their real estate needs. She loves to stay fresh and up-to-date on the growing industry. She is also achieving one of her other goals; getting her broker’s license. This will increase her responsibilities to being the supervising broker of the Suffolk office as well.


When Krystal is not working with agents or clients, she enjoys spending time with her family. Born and raised in Hampton Roads, Krystal loves being near water. Whether she’s at one of the beautiful local beaches, in Corolla, NC with the wild horses, or at her family home on Lake Gaston, Krystal loves summer and all the fun that comes with being near the water. She’s been married 13 years to her husband John who owns ServiceUp, an HVAC and home remodeling business. Together they have 3 children, Alexa 12, John 10, and 9-month-old Joey.

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