Katy Negroni’s road to real estate has had a few stops along the way. At each stop she picked up or honed a skill that would eventually serve her well in the real estate industry. Her journey began when she went to college for communications. After getting her degree from ODU Katy worked as a production assistant at WAVY TV10. There was still something missing for her. She decided to go back to school to become a veterinary technician. “I wanted to do something I was passionate about,” says Katy. She is passionate about helping and loves animals, so it seemed the right direction. But after her second child, she knew the paycheck wasn’t going to cover the childcare expenses.

 She stayed home with her 2 little guys Armando “Rio” who is 2 ½ and Elijah “Eli” 13 months. But she still really wanted to get back into the work world. Re-evaluating what moves her, Katy realized all her experiences were leading to this point. As an agent, Katy is able to bring together all those skills she picked up along the way. “I could utilize my communications degree in real estate. I really enjoy talking to people. I like getting to know them and hearing their stories.” And most of all she realized she could do what she wanted to do as a veterinary technician. “I really like helping people.”

 In fact, helping and serving has been in Katy’s blood since high school. Katy was an active member of DECA, an organization which trains up young people to be future leaders, entrepreuers, and volunteers. While in college she was also involved with Alpha Phi Omega, a volunteer service fraternity. Katy had been on the track to helping others all along.

 As a real estate agent, Katy loves to take the lessons she’s learned and help people find the right home for them. “I am very honest,” says Katy. “I’m passionate and dedicated to whoever I’m working for. My client will always know the whole process.” Just like the fast pace of the production floor, real estate can have many things going all at once. Katy loves the challenge of running at that pace. She is committed to making sure her clients get the best care and guidance she can give during the home buying and selling process.

 In her personal life, Katy has been married to her high school sweetheart, Armando for 5 years. Along with their two boys, they have a sweet Pit Bull they rescued named Cookie. Katy values family. She grew up in Portsmouth in a close family with one brother, Teddy. Her mom is a math teacher and her dad has worked at NASA for almost 30 years, so it’s no wonder that Katy inherited their intelligence. They also passed down their kindness and loyalty. Katy is the kind of person you want not just as your agent, but as your friend.

 When she’s not working a deal, Katy loves to be outside with her kiddos. They can be found gardening and doing yard work. She enjoys taking Rio and Eli to the Children’s Museum and Botanical Gardens. Their favorite spot is Fort Fun in Hampton, because they love to climb! For more adult fun Katy loves a good country concert. Or taking her dad to a classic rock concert. When time allows, she and Armando enjoy driving down to Nags Head, stopping at the Farmers’ Markets along the way and eating at one of their favorite OBX restaurants like Kill Devil Grill.

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2448 Deerfield Crescent Chesapeake VA 23321 Buyer 12/03/2018 $288,000
5004 Benson Court Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 10/31/2018 $310,000