Jonathan Frank is a real estate professional who knows the industry from many sides. This upbeat agent is a native Virginian, has experience with new construction, and most importantly knows how to spot a deal. Growing up, he helped tend to family rental properties from the time he could use a paintbrush, further cementing his interest in this field. Having walked in the shoes of the homeowner himself, Jonathan takes clients under his wing whether they want to buy, sell, invest, or build.

The lure of music attracted him to a study commercial music in Nashville. Jonathan graduated cum laude from Belmont University with a bachelor's degree in audio and video production. Around this time he discovered another love - residential real estate. He purchased his first home, a HUD fixer-upper, and devoted his efforts to remodeling it.  The process became so rewarding that he knew he had tapped into something special. "Real estate can be a tremendous win-win, and I love that about it!"

He later worked in the technology sector. Here Jonathan actually created and developed a customer service department. "I have a background in customer service and business administration." He perfected the art of multi-tasking, as he implemented practical strategies that proved not only functional but vastly effective. "Taking care of customers just comes naturally to me."  

The East Coast began calling him back home, and Jonathan gladly answered. "When I moved back to Virginia I decided to invest in real estate full-time." Making this transition gave this friendly agent a way to see how the right home could make all the difference. Knowing the ins and outs of pulling permits, budgeting, negotiating, designing and marketing in relation to homes in this area allow Jonathan to give his clients a real edge.

Before becoming a real estate agent, Jonathan also worked as a construction project manager. Now when buyers want information about homes, they know they're in competent hands. "I love people, and I love properties so it's a great combination!" He continues, "Whatever goals my clients have, they can rest assured I'll put all of my skills and effort into providing them the best possible experience while getting them the best results."

Where others see negatives, Jonathan sees opportunities. This seasoned real estate specialist believes in sharing his good energy with those in his path. "I'm naturally inclined to go above and beyond when it comes to helping others." Clients respond well to Jonathan's refreshing honesty and positive attitude. "I see myself as a highly capable and adaptable resource that can be utilized in varying ways depending on the needs of who I'm working with."  

Jonathan has a wide array of interests outside of work, many of which revolve around the scenic bodies of water in the Northern Virginia area. Such watersports include kayaking, Jet-Skiing and sailing to name a few. This musically inclined agent also likes to play any instrument he can get his hands on, especially the acoustic guitar. He stays active through biking, soccer, trail running and any sport or activity that allows him to work up a sweat. He's also a big pinball fan, and has owned several pinball machines. His daughters are his true joy in life, and he values each and every moment with them.

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