Jolene is a real estate professional with a compassionate nature that is present in all aspects of her life.  Having served in the United States Navy, Jolene and her family are no strangers in relocating and the hassles and stresses that can accompany a move, especially international relocations.  Through her experiences, she gives her clients sound advice and little pieces of advice that can help any family moving in or out of Hampton Roads.  She understands that buying a home is oftentimes a person’s largest investment they will make in their lives, and she wants to ensure to her clients that she is there for them every step of the process.

Originally from Connecticut, Jolene entered the United States Navy and served for many years as a Master at Arms.  Her duties as a member of the military police ranged from security responsibilities as well as working at the legal office.  The communication skills, legal acumen, and teamwork skills she developed make Jolene an excellent agent to work with.  Contract management and having a working understanding of laws and procedures that needed to be followed all directly translate to her work as a real estate agent.  Her military career presented her with opportunities to see foreign countries and living abroad.  It is also through the military that she met her husband!  

Her appreciation for real estate has followed Jolene through the many relocations and her fondness is what brought her to pursue a career as a real estate agent.  “I really love houses!  It’s not uncommon to find me searching through homes online to find unique and interesting home features,” Jolene says.  Despite having believed the contrary, Jolene is a personable and outgoing who enjoys meeting people from all walk of life.  Her clients receive the five-star treatment when she goes to work for them.  She is meticulous and always has a checklist handy, and is willing to go above and beyond for all of her clients.  “If you’re my client, then you’re my friend.  I want my clients to be able to come over to my house for a backyard BBQ.”  Ironically enough, it is exactly at her real estate agent’s backyard barbecue where she knew exactly where she wanted to work and apply her knowledge to her real estate clients!    

Currently residing in a beautiful home, Jolene’s home has more animals than people.  “Yes!  I have 2 cows, 3 horses, 4 dogs, chickens, and rabbits”.  She is able to accomplish a lot of gardening work, harvest her fresh eggs, and of course enjoy a relaxing horse ride!  A mother of two girls, she and her family enjoy days at Fort Monroe on the beach, visiting the historic sites at Jamestown and Williamsburg, and visiting Busch Gardens throughout the whole year.  

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MM WILLOW ANTHONY, Suffolk, VA 23432
$409,900 | MLS #: 10104090
MM WILLOW MICHAEL, Suffolk, VA 23432
$409,900 | MLS #: 10104104
MM MYRTLE JOLLIFF, Chesapeake, VA 23321
$374,900 | MLS #: 10104993
$364,900 | MLS #: 10105934
$364,900 | MLS #: 10105939

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1305 CRICKET CT Chesapeake VA 23320 Buyer 10/06/2017 $380,000