Her infectious smile may be the first thing you notice about Real Estate Agent, Jennifer Levier, but you will never forget her positive attitude and her selfless nature.  When Jennifer was in the process of buying a home for her growing family, it was her real estate agent that inspired her to pursue a career in real estate.  “It was a stressful time for my family, and I had the idea that all agents were the same,” Jennifer recalls, “but my agent turned my life around and made buying my home stress-free.”  When the time came to join the workforce again, it was an easy decision for Jennifer to jump start her career in real estate.  “I wanted to do what my agent did for me.  She helped me by being herself, and I loved her for that."


Jennifer’s natural tendencies to work with people and families is evident in every aspect of her life.  Her previous jobs that did not allow her to directly interact with people made her realize that being face-to-face working together is how she works best for her clients.  “Just the idea that I’m helping someone find the perfect home for them, where they will have cookouts and movie nights, is why I love my job,” Jennifer says joyfully.  It is not just her clients who benefit from Jennifer’s bubbly personality and her hospitality.  She enjoys her volunteer work where she is able to feed the homeless, and participating in community outreach events with her church.


A proud mom of four little ones who are all under the age of 4, Jennifer is constantly surrounded by loved ones and wouldn’t have it any other way.  She loves her family, and being the family-oriented glue to keep everything together.  “I’m always busy, but it isn’t stressful when it’s for family,” Jennifer says.  Jennifer loves to cook, educate her children through homeschooling,  and enjoys family movie nights. Spreading her kindness everywhere she goes, you’ll easily find Jennifer at her favorite Hampton Roads spots such as Yorktown Beach, Riverview Farm Park, and Lion’s Bridge.  

Recent Team Listings

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MM WILLOW ANTHONY, Suffolk, VA 23432
$409,900 | MLS #: 10104090
MM WILLOW MICHAEL, Suffolk, VA 23432
$409,900 | MLS #: 10104104
MM MYRTLE JOLLIFF, Chesapeake, VA 23321
$374,900 | MLS #: 10104993
$364,900 | MLS #: 10105934
$364,900 | MLS #: 10105939

Jennifer's' 2 Past Sales

Address Side Date Sold Price
463 CROSLAND CT Newport News VA 23608 Buyer 09/29/2017 $136,800
7105 University Drive Norfolk VA 23513 Buyer 09/22/2017 $163,000