Jennifer Hazer is a local girl who grew up surrounded by a large family who taught her to value her community and always give back. This agent’s bright smile and warm way immediately put her clients at ease. She has a way of drawing people in and helping them relax. Though some may see buying or selling a home quite stressful, Jennifer sees it as an amazing opportunity. She loves to help her clients reframe their perspective as well.


Jennifer came by that viewpoint honestly. Her great grandfather was a respected Bishop in the area, as well as an avid investor. He bought property and gave each of his children a home as they grew up. The legacy he left his family was grounded in a belief that owning real estate provided stability and it was within reach. Jennifer got involved in real estate to share that idea with others. “I grew up with a tradition of investing in property,” says Jennifer. As she gained experience in property and land valuation, Jennifer felt more and more drawn to getting licensed as an agent.


After graduating from high school, Jennifer pursued a Public Administration degree from Norfolk State University, graduating cum laude. She has served in various capacities in public service, both for city and state government. As fulfilling as those experiences have been, Jennifer could never shake the desire to get more involved in real estate. For Jennifer, it is another way of giving back. She recently worked with a couple who was serving in the military. As is sometimes the case for military families, the husband was stationed locally, while his wife was serving in Japan. Jennifer was able to leverage technology to keep both spouses involved in the process. Jennifer is the kind of agent who will do what it takes to meet her clients where they are at. Time changes, different continents, whatever the circumstances, Jennifer will make a way to flow and adapt to her client’s needs. In the end, she was able to help this couple close on a home that was perfect for them. Being the child of two Navy sailors, Jennifer loves serving those serving our country.



Jennifer is married and the proud mom of two amazing sons. Faith and family are a big part of her life and with both she and her husband coming from large families, they joke that they don’t even need to invite anyone else to birthday parties. Their family fills the house. Jennifer is very involved in her church, organizing youth events, community outreaches, and serving where needed. “Giving back is just a part of who I am,” says Jennifer. Her boys are both soccer players and she does the soccer mom thing with style. Just look for the double-seater foldout chair, the tent, and the blanket. Jennifer will be the mom cheering the loudest! Jennifer is also very adventurous and likes to get outside as much as possible. She loves riding her bike, hiking in the woods, and breathing fresh air. In her quiet moments she enjoys reading a good book with a great cup of coffee.

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