In this digital age, finding a real estate agent who knows how to leverage online marketing and resources in your favor is invaluable. Jason Baca has 16 years of online marketing experience using social media advertising, videography, and copywriting that set him apart. This creative, innovative agent is ready to use his skills and talents to make your listing rise to the top of the list of potential buyers.


Jason acquired much of that knowledge through his extensive education. He has a Professional Development degree from Southwestern University, a Master’s degree in communications, and a doctorate in Strategic leadership from Regent University. Through Jason’s years of education, he honed his skills in videography, marketing, and communication. Along with his formal education, Jason sharpened his skills through years of online marketing businesses. He learned what works and what doesn’t. Transferring that knowledge to the real estate market has opened a new world of opportunity. “I love to use my extensive online marketing experience to promote my clients. This is the age of social media and it’s crucial to know how to use that to benefit my clients.”


Jason has a wide range of experience to draw from when working with clients. He learned customer service as a barista at Starbucks, he learned team work on tech and sound teams at church, and he is a teacher and leader as an adjunct university professor. Each of these diverse and unique experiences have shaped Jason in ways that benefit his clients.


Whether buying or selling, real estate clients need an agent they can trust and rely on. The real estate journey can be overwhelming and confusing at times and it is essential to have a relate-able agent who cares about your needs. Jason is that agent. He’s a man who values integrity and kindness. Jason will draw you in with his engaging smile. Whether helping you buy or sell, Jason is in it for you. “In the process of helping people find homes, I hope they become friends,” says Jason. “More than just a real estate agent who works for you, my goal is to become a faithful friend. I will go the extra mile. I will do for you what I would want done for me.”


Jason met his beautiful wife Kellie in grad school. They have been blessed with two beautiful children under two; a 1-year-old son Ethan and 4-month-old daughter Anabel. Jason’s deep faith guides his life. His generous spirit motivates him to give back to the community, even the larger international community. Jason has gone on multiple international missions trips to places like Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mongolia.


When Jason is not busy supporting his clients through the ins and outs of real estate transactions, he loves spending time with his family. He is also a self-proclaimed sports junky who loves to play and watch basketball and football. He and Kellie are into fitness and healthy eating, though they are suckers for Red Robin’s bottomless sweet potato fries.

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