Jamal Hudson is a goal-oriented real estate agent with expertise in the home finance arena.  He exudes professionalism from the first minute he speaks with potential clients.  Jamal is originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., but has enjoyed living in southeast Virginia for more than 15 years.  Whether he’s coaching a team of youngsters, assisting a client find the right home or taking in foster children, this agent can usually be found helping someone in Hampton Roads.

He studied business management and computer science at Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, N.C.  Jamal then became a troubleshooter at Texas Instruments for their electronic devices, where he further improved his technological skills.  Later he worked for the Texas Department of Corrections for more than four years honing his conflict management and interpersonal communication skills.

Shortly after looking to buy his own home in Virginia Beach, Jamal became interested in the home mortgage business.  Having a natural knack for numbers allowed him to excel as a loan originator.  “I’m a math guy,” says Jamal.  This role allowed him to help many clients by showing them how they could save money with the right loan programs.  “I liked it,” he continues, “I enjoyed putting deals together and working with people.”  While there, he helped the company more than double its original size, and became sales manager within only a few years.  He focused on originating loans himself while encouraging the entire staff to meet their goals as well.

Getting his real estate license was a natural transition for this well-rounded professional who has assisted clientele with their housing needs now for nearly a decade.  “Finance and mortgages fit hand in hand with real estate.”  Jamal receives a great deal of joy from helping people achieve their goals of home ownership, especially those who may have thought owning a home was not even possible.  He also likes being a part of such a life-changing event.  “If you do things right… you can help people, and at the end of the day that’s what it’s about.”  First-time buyers are one of his specialties.  He likes the fact that there is no limit to the amount of people he can assist in real estate.  Clients who’ve had the pleasure of working with this agent admire his strong work ethic, reliability and dedication.

Having a finance background makes Jamal quite an asset when buying a home.  “It gives me the advantage because I know both sides of the fence.”  Understanding how the financing process works allows this agent to give his clients inside knowledge.  While he typically stays out of the way when it comes to running interference in mortgage-related issues he says, “I can give guidance.  If we run into fires, it allows me to be able to put the fires out.”  He recalls purchasing his first home, and notes that things didn’t go smoothly.  “I’ll never let this happen to anyone else,” affirms Jamal.  “People aren’t just numbers and dollars signs to me.”

This devoted husband and father of three always strives for improvement, even in his personal life.  Jamal reads motivational books and has rediscovered the joy of working out, which has led him on a journey toward getting in better physical shape. One of the most rewarding things for this New York Giants fan is knowing he and his wife can provide a positive environment for foster children with siblings who may normally be separated. This freshwater fishing enthusiast loves spending time with his family, coaching youth basketball, football and baseball teams, attending sporting events and playing chess.

Jamal's Listings

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Jamal's' 38 Past Sales

Address Side Date Sold Price
5214 Forestdale Dr Portsmouth VA 23703 Seller 03/12/2018 $150,000
1543 Hambledon Loop Chesapeake VA 23320 Buyer 12/27/2017 $178,000
2301 Georgetown Blvd Chesapeake VA 23324 Buyer 11/17/2017 $247,000
337 LYNCHBURG DR Newport News VA 23606 Buyer 07/31/2017 $299,000
3437 CLOVER MEADOWS Chesapeake VA 23321 Buyer 04/17/2017 $70,000
505 MILLERS COURT Suffolk VA 23434 Seller 01/24/2017 $239,900
1293 Barnes Rd Suffolk VA 23437 Buyer 01/23/2017 $370,000
3034 GUM COURT Chesapeake VA 23321 Buyer 07/25/2016 $300,950
3320 NANSEMOND PARKWAY Suffolk VA 23434 Seller 04/26/2016 $239,000
1265 LUMMIS ROAD Suffolk VA 23437 Seller 04/26/2016 $350,000
11193 PARK PLACE Smithfield VA 23430 Buyer 03/17/2016 $290,000
2111 GENTRY ST Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 01/22/2016 $120,000
218 PRINCE JAMES DRIVE Hampton VA 23669 Buyer 11/17/2015 $115,000
3606 CHIMNEY CREEK DR Virginia Beach VA 23462 Buyer 11/16/2015 $135,000
3 ACRE ROUNTREE CRES Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 10/29/2015 $54,900
533 LYNN SHORES DR Virginia Beach VA 23452 Buyer 03/26/2015 $336,000
49 CHATHAM ROAD Portsmouth VA 23702 Seller 02/06/2015 $207,900
14 CHATHAM RD PORTSMOUTH VA 23702 Buyer 12/19/2014 $42,000
5481 Stonehaven Drive Virginia Beach VA 23464 Buyer 10/16/2014 $185,000
1129 Shoal Creek Chesapeake VA 23320 Buyer 10/14/2014 $160,000
3711 Bay Crescent Chesapeake VA 23321 Buyer 02/28/2014 $170,000
31 Michaels Wood Hampton VA 23666 Buyer 02/24/2014 $225,000
1812 Banning Rd Norfolk VA 23518 Buyer 01/15/2014 $325,000
1019 Anderson St. Norfolk VA 23504 Buyer 01/13/2014 $242,500
241 LEE STREET Hampton VA 23669 Seller 12/18/2013 $40,000
40 Colonial Way Chesapeake VA 23325 Buyer 10/16/2013 $134,500
282 Burnetts Way Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 10/04/2013 $134,000
5437 Chatham Hall Drive Virginia Beach VA 23464 Buyer 09/17/2013 $136,000
3381 Woodburne Drive Virginia Beach VA 23452 Seller 09/13/2013 $128,000
505 Millers Ct Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 08/28/2013 $230,000
4705 Nuttfield Lane VIRGINIA BEACH VA 23455 Buyer 08/19/2013 $153,000
8241 Lee Hall Ave Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 06/17/2013 $220,000
716 Keeling Drive Chesapeake VA 23322 Buyer 05/31/2013 $425,000
441 Lee Highlands Blvd Virginia Beach VA 23452 Buyer 04/10/2013 $150,000
712 Inlet Quay Chesapeake VA 23322 Buyer 04/03/2013 $158,000
3759 Henrico Street Norfolk VA 23518 Buyer 02/26/2013 $251,300
621 73rd Street Newport News VA 23605 Buyer 01/24/2013 $46,000
121 Windsor Pines Way Newport News VA 23608 Buyer 01/18/2013 $60,000