Debbie O'Connell

professional portrait of real estate SH Pro Debbie O'Connell

Fit Realty

Debbie O’Connell is a calm grace-under-pressure real estate professional who believes in facing challenges head on. With 10 years in real estate and the last 4 as a managing broker, Debbie has seen the market’s highs and lows and learned there’s a way through all of it. As the managing broker for Fit Realty Debbie enjoys seeing her agents through the challenges that can arise during real estate transactions. “I’ve seen a lot and I know nothing is going to break us.”

Debbie got her license right after the market crashed 10 years ago. In a down market she earned Rookie of the Year her first year. Debbie had gotten a Communications degree with a minor in marketing from ODU and after spending 10 years in advertising sales for the Virginian Pilot and taking a break to raise children, Debbie knew she found a career that would use her education and experience in sales and marketing as well as her desire to serve and help people. As an agent she used that motivation to help her clients achieve their real estate goals. Now as a managing broker, Debbie loves to mentor agents and help them with their career goals. Debbie has been certified to teach Principles and New Agent classes. “Teaching and training is where my passion is,” says Debbie. “I love when the lightbulb goes on and they get it! That’s why I do what I do.”

Debbie is excited about the cutting edge innovative marketing techniques at Fit Realty. With her background in marketing, she enjoys helping agents use newer technology to help their clients and advance their real estate goals.

Some of Debbie’s problem-solving resilience was developed in her growing years as a military child. Debbie was born in Germany and had moved 12 times by the time she reached her senior year of high school. She attended 3 different high schools. But with a supportive family and a mom who taught her that home is where you make it, Debbie came out with an inner strength that has stood the tests of life. “My mom was always an anchor. I adored her for that,” says Debbie. Throughout those years the Army made Virginia Debbie’s home three times. “Virginia just feels like home,” muses Debbie. “I have a love for the ocean and the mountains and Virginia gives me all of that.” It’s no wonder that Debbie came to settle here. Despite the wanderlust that hits every now and then after years of moving, she has stayed in Virginia 35 years.

Debbie shares 5 children with her husband Ralph, ranging in age from 17-27. They have a sweet black hound dog Dixie and a crazy black cat Cairo, both rescues who play and fight like siblings. When Debbie isn’t helping an agent through a problem, she loves to volunteer in her community. She’s very involved in her church. She loves to take meals to people in need. Debbie also volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center and pours herself into other people in every way she finds a need. To unwind, Debbie likes to sew. There’s something about piecing together a quilt in the quiet of her home that helps her recharge and clear her mind. Baby quilts have been her latest project. The smaller more manageable project is just what she needs in her otherwise busy life.

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