After 34 years of working in real estate, Chuck Evans has learned a few things. As the Director of Training for Fit Realty, Chuck looks forward to sharing the experience he's gained over that time with agents who are eager to learn and grow. This friendly, knowledgeable agent has some tried and true strategies that work and knows the dangers that threaten to derail new agents. "Don't compute the commission," he's quick to warn. "Do your job, and you'll get paid." Chasing after money has never been a motivator for Chuck, and he wants to help his agents avoid that pitfall as well.


Chuck's strongest motivator has always been the people. Chuck is easy to talk to and quick to joke around. He connects with people easily and has developed a long list of satisfied clients who return when the need to buy or sell property arises. They are also inclined to send friends his way. Chuck knows how to listen and truly hear what his clients are saying. "I love people," says Chuck. "Every transaction is different, which keeps things fun and interesting." Chuck is detail oriented, organized, and lives by axioms that have stood the test of time. "If you're on time, you're late," quips Chuck. "If you're early, you're on time." His strong work ethic and desire to meet the needs of his clients is his guiding principle.


Through more than three decades in real estate, Chuck has seen the housing market endure seasons of remarkable strength as well as devastating decline. He's learned to thrive and adjust in the different markets and hopes to build that resiliency in other agents. Technology has advanced over that time and Chuck has learned to leverage technology in his business. During his college years, Chuck studied engineering at Virginia Tech and went into design and construction management. He bought his first house in 1983 and it piqued his interest in real estate. A friend working in real estate encouraged him to get licensed and his journey began. In 2003 Chuck went after his next goal and got his Broker's license. He became a Managing Broker for a national agency where he managed and led training for 150 agents.


Chuck has experienced plenty of success in the real estate business. But his greatest success is seeing his clients achieve their dreams and watching other agents really take off in their real estate goals. After 34 years, Chuck doesn't have anything to prove. He just hopes to help the next agent learn to serve their clients and pass on the lessons he's learned.


When Chuck is not training and developing agents or taking care of his clients, he enjoys reading, music, and college football. He loves cooking and has made a switch to a healthier Mediterranean style of eating. He also enjoys walking 3 miles 5 times a week. Faith and service are important to Chuck and he is very active in his local church. His black Bombay cat, Princess is his loyal companion.





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