A smile is an immediate consequence once you are introduced to Brandy Harris.  Originally from Texas, and having lived in Florida, Brandy has traveled and lived in many different cities in her lifetime.    Well-rounded, honest, and a kind heart best describe Brandy as a Real Estate Agent, and her clients are more than appreciative of her positive outlook during the home buying process.    

As a military wife, Brandy understands the intricacies of when the time comes for PCS orders.  The home buying and selling process must be handled with extra care and attention, and Brandy knows the stresses facing military families during this time.  Having recently relocated to the Hampton Roads area, Brandy and her family recently experienced the unique care and attention from a fellow FIT Realty Agent!  “Our agent was phenomenal and made our relocation a breeze!  When the time came for me to join a real estate brokerage in Hampton Roads, the answer was simple -  I wanted to work with FIT Realty,” Brandy recalls.

Her greatest asset that Brandy can provide to her clients is the many years of experience as a mortgage broker.  “It was my first ‘business’ job and I absolutely loved it.  I was able to help my clients pay off debt, refinance, and help them achieve their financial goals of homeownership or paying off loans,” Brandy says.  This top sales person was motivated to help her clients in any way she could.  “If there was a solution, I was going to find it for them,” Brandy states.  The vast knowledge she obtained by working in the mortgage industry further assisted her clients, in addition to Brandy’s desire to always go the extra mile.  A believer in positivity and a strong work ethic ensured her clients that they were in good hands at all times.    

A balanced life is important to Brandy, and when she is not working diligently with her clients, she is often found with her family.  A loving mother of three children, and 2 pets, Brandy is close with her children and enjoys spending quality time with them.  While still new to Hampton Roads, Brandy looks forward to exploring the area and getting to know the many attractions and hidden gems that only the Tidewater region can offer.  

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