When you first meet Aaron you are instantly put in a good mood.  His attitude and positivity are infectious, and with his strong work ethic driving him, you feel like you are in good hands instantly.  Real Estate is much more than a career, a passion, or even an opportunity according to Aaron.  “Real estate is the dot that connects me as an agent to my clients,” Aaron explains.  His passion for working with people is what drives Aaron to be the best agent for his clients.  “I don’t look at my profession as simply a job; honestly, it is a little bit of an obsession,” Aaron says.  

Aaron Warren is a proud veteran of the United States Navy, where he served alongside many great men and women as a Ship’s Serviceman.  His career with the United States Navy expanded his knowledge in navigation as well as foster his abilities of staying true to a common goal and working diligently to achieve it.  Aaron’s time with the Navy also allowed him to see and experience other countries and cultures.  Of all the countries he traveled to, his favorite was Dubai because, “it is simply extraordinary, especially the buildings and type of architecture,” Aaron recalls.  His admiration for various types of buildings, homes, and architectural styles have remained with him in his real estate career.

As a real estate agent, Aaron is the type of agent who always puts his clients first.  When someone sees a house or a storefront, they can envision their future lives within that house or in that store.  Aaron can also envision that dream that his clients have.  “I envision helping a family who wants their dream home, where they will share birthdays, achievements, and love,” Aaron says.  It is that vision that helps drive Aaron to work as diligently as he does for his clients.  He understands that closing day is the first day of a new chapter in his clients’ lives, and he is honored to be the agent that makes it all possible.

A testament to Aaron’s generosity and optimism is best summed up by the little acts of kindness he performs each day.  “I’m the kind of person who will see someone on the side of the road with a flat tire, and I’ll pull over to make sure they are ok, even if I’m running late!” Aaron says.  He believes in treating everyone with kindness and respect, and as his client you will know that immediately after shaking his hand.  

Aaron currently resides in Virginia Beach with his wife and two children.

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