Warm Blankets

SimonHouses.com proudly supports Warm Blankets Orphan Care International. People continually wonder why this real estate group contributes to such an organization when there are many deserving agencies much closer to home. The main objective of SimonHouses.com is to ethically run a prosperous business that betters the world for clients, agents, builders and administrative staff through continuous reinvesting; it is only natural company members find this goal-oriented charity appealing. "I'm an investment-minded person," says Brian Simon, founder of SimonHouses.com. Associates of Warm Blankets go to places which are impoverished or torn apart by war or natural disasters and begin by building an orphanage. "Then people like us supply everything they need to run the orphanage," he continues. Essential supplies typically consist of food, clothing and teaching materials. Funds are also used to ensure the building is properly maintained and each orphan receives an education in a nurturing, Christian environment.

Warm Blankets then welcomes in orphans and a handful of widows to the new property. They are taught English and helpful life skills like sewing and gardening. The women serve as house mothers to children and the relationship is symbiotic as everyone involved now receives the love and attention they've missed over the years. Widows function as full-time caregivers and children can grow up knowing bright futures are around the corner. The orphanages maintain a ratio of one caregiver for every five children so the children can receive plenty of one-on-one attention.

The most promising part of the whole plan is how the system works. Each orphanage is created with the goal of becoming self-sustaining within four to six years of inception. The organization recognizes an orphanage as completely self-reliant when its inhabitants grow their own food and earn their own income. Simon concludes, “I'm helping the most amount of people with the least amount of money and making an impact that will shape entire communities for generations.” SimonHouses.com donates $100 of every normal home sale up to $1500 a month to one of these orphanages. Monies collected above this amount are set aside for additional charitable projects each year.

Once an orphanage becomes self-sufficient, Warm Blankets starts other orphanages and finds individuals or companies to help fund them until they become independent. SimonHouses.com currently supports the Lodwar Orphan Home in Kenya, with the goal to provide every month for the entire cost of running the orphanage. Learn more