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Sherry Reid

Sherry Reid is the vice president of SimonTowne Mortgage, but that's only the beginning for this ambitious professional. Don't let her impressive track record fool you; she still takes the same amount of time and patience getting clientele financially qualified as she took with her very first clients. Born and raised in Hampton Roads, she knows the area and doesn't hesitate to point out the benefits of living in this part of Virginia. Naturally gifted for helping others and solving problems makes her a favorite among colleagues and clients alike.

Every year is a continuation of Reid's commitment to success. She's a six-time President's and Chairman's Club winner. Such recognition is awarded to mortgage originators based not only on the volume of business done, but also on the total dollar value brought in for the year. Scotsman Guide named Reid as a Top Originator in 2011. She was the number one VA loan originator throughout Virginia, and number 11 in the entire country for the same reason in 2011. Reid remains in the top one percent of mortgage originators in the U.S., and is also a top originator of VHDA loans. She's number one in the entire company for both mortgages and the amount of units.*

So how did this mortgage superstar become so good at what she does? "I love a challenge. I have a very caring attitude. I want everyone to be able to purchase a home," Reid says. She began her career in this industry as a receptionist in the Eighties. "When I got into it, it was just something that I knew I wanted to do," she adds, "I just knew that I could help people in a different way." Reid just kept moving up the ladder from loan processor to assistant loan officer, then to senior loan officer and her most recent promotion was to vice president.

Her specialties include helping procure government loans and construction to perm loans, but she is also highly skilled in getting the right loans for first-time buyers. Reid has an affinity for those in the armed forces too. "I come from a very strong military background." Additionally, she is a real pro when it comes to assisting buyers who may not be in the best financial shape. "I try to make something work when other people don't want to take the time to do that." Unlike some competing lenders, she sees what needs to be done, and works to make purchasing homes possible. She offers this advice to buyers worried they may not be able to qualify, "What's the worst I can say? You can't do it today. If you can't do it, let's work on figuring out a way to make this happen."

Along the way she has reaped many rewards seeing the fruits of her labor culminate in the ultimate happy ending- home ownership. Reid tells of one particular experience where she assisted a single mother with less than stellar credit. "I worked with her one-on-one for over two years until she was able to buy her first home," she continues, "I went to that closing, and it was like the coolest thing I ever did!" It's her knowledge that may first attract homebuyers, but her sincere nature that keeps bringing them back. "I really care." It seems clients agree.

Reid lives in Virginia Beach and likes the variety of things to do there as well as the ocean being so close. When she's not originating loans, she enjoys spending time in her backyard, lounging by the pool and graciously entertaining her family and friends.

* These figures are accurate at time of publication, but with this rising star are subject to change.

Brad Schloss

Brad Schloss is assistant vice president at SimonTowne Mortgage. This Norfolk native is highly skilled in the art of customer service and creative strategizing. He understands how to help clients find the right loan programs regardless of whether rates are near historic lows.

During his college years, Brad worked in retail where he first began learning to go above and beyond for clients. Before he graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College with a Bachelor of Science, he interned with TowneBank assisting in the loan origination process. It was during this time that he discovered his appreciation for the financial industry. "I enjoyed it," Brad adds, "It made me realize this was a profession I was very interested in and wanted to get into."

Brad has made the Chairman's Club two years in a row thus far. This honor is reserved for some of the best originators in the business. Mortgage Executive Magazine named Brad as one of the Top One Percent of Mortgage Originators in America in both 2012 and 2013. Working in this field for nearly a decade gives him quite an advantage over competing loan officers. His years with TowneBank Mortgage have produced many satisfied clients who keep returning and referring friends and family members. He’s worked with SimonTowne Mortgage since its inception. "It's just a great opportunity with a great company."

Specialties include helping military and first-time buyers, but clients can also count on Brad for help with loans that may require extra care and preparation. "Probably the majority of our clients are military." He explains that since many service members are deployed when they initiate contact, he is available to help when they need it. "They really enjoy the way they can reach me just about all hours, whether it be by email or cell phone." Coming from a family where the military played an active role gives him a deep appreciation of those serving our country. Brad also assists service members in finding ideal home loans that save them money. "I would say 99 percent of our military homebuyers do not come out-of-pocket with a dollar for real estate transactions."

Satisfied clients would describe Brad as accurate and dependable, important qualities when it comes to making such a major investment. He enjoys the challenging nature of originating mortgages, and always makes himself accessible to buyers with questions. "We're here to assist you, and we're here to help you." When it comes to philosophies, he sums it up with a powerful, yet simple quote. "Your satisfaction is our success."

Brad resides in Norfolk and likes living near his family. When he's not assisting clients with mortgage loans, this avid sportsman stays active by playing soccer, tennis and golf. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

Michelle Arseneault

Michelle Arseneault is a loan officer who works at lightning speed until meeting her ultimate goal- helping every client do what it takes to qualify for the right loan program. A resident of Hampton Roads for nearly 20 years, this native Virginian resides near the coast because of her love of the ocean. Michelle is following in her mother's footsteps, as she was also an accomplished loan officer.

Michelle's career in the mortgage business began more than a decade ago after she accepted a position as a loan processor and underwriter at a local lender. She seized this opportunity, and discovered all the different types of home loans available, as well as the qualifying factors for each of them. "I learned the basics, how things go from start to finish and how to make the process a lot smoother for the clients," says Michelle. She explains that learning the business from this angle gives her a real advantage. "My background is an asset for my clients, since I have the extra knowledge that other people typically don't have."

Michelle later joined TowneBank Mortgage as an assistant loan officer and put her expertise into play. A true natural at mortgage origination, she mastered the art of matching clients with the right loan programs during this time. Working long hours in this fulfilling role turned Michelle into a savvy lending professional. She is now a loan officer at SimonTowne Mortgage. "I love the team, the agents and the loan officers; we all work great together!"

It's hard to say what Michelle does best in her field of choice. "I try to figure out which programs are going to meet my clients' needs the best." She reveals that she recently helped a single mom apply for a home buying program that resulted in $5K of free money for the applicant. "I advise clients to go with certain programs that are more beneficial for them." She knows that helping clients this way is not always the fastest route, but that's alright for her. "It's a lot of work, so most loan officers are not going to take the time and the effort that it requires to do specific programs," she adds, "I really do whatever's best for my client, even if it means more work and more commitment on my side."

Clients describe this hard worker as caring and attentive. Her father serving in the U.S. Navy for some 30 years allows Michelle to give military clientele an inside connection. Other specialties include first-time buyers, refinances, construction-to-perm loans and down payment assistance programs. What's her favorite part of the job? "I love helping my clients get into the house they really thought they would never get." She feels it's her duty to go the extra mile for applicants who need her help and loves receiving pictures of satisfied clients in their new homes.

When assisting someone who is worried he might not qualify for his dream home, Michelle offers a humble approach. "You never know what you're going to qualify for unless we look at it." If her clients can't qualify at first, she formulates a plan of action for them to follow so they can take the necessary steps to qualify for a home loan at a later date.

Outside of the loan environment, Michelle enjoys crafting. She shares, "I am a Pinterest queen." She also likes traveling, especially to the Outer Banks, and spending quality time with her son. Although the beach is one of her top picks, she also frequents local parks. Her passions include God, her church family, interacting with children and helping people. Michelle resides in Virginia Beach with her family.

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