Agent, Tater Powers, conducts himself with integrity and authenticity. Born in Norfolk, he's spent most of his life in Hampton Roads and is just the person to show clients around the area. Working for his grandparents' rental property business as a 14-year-old instilled a strong work ethic in him, which has continued to flourish over the years. Tater brings a unique set of skills to this industry that make it easy to see why he builds lasting relationships.

"When I was about 14, I made the decision that I wanted to be a minister," says Tater. He took active roles in church until the age of 18 when he interned with a minister. After concentrating on Biblical studies, Tater received a minister's diploma from the Institute of Ministry in Bradenton, Fla. He became a clergy member in a local church for more than three years. Thriving in this position heightened his active listening skills; it's now easy for him to show his clients their needs are a top priority.

Tater later earned his insurance adjuster's license and worked in the insurance field. His knowledge runs much deeper than that of just any agent, as he can look at things from a different perspective. "What I've learned in the insurance business helps my clients better understand their investments," explains Tater. It was his experience in this related industry that renewed his interest in real estate, but this time he dove in as a licensed sales agent. He says, "I think the thing that attracted me to real estate is that of all the investments you can make in life, real estate is always the safest."

Becoming a part of the team felt like the perfect move for Tater who favors the founding principles of this real estate group. Being an agent allows him to use his natural aptitude for teaching. "I have a great ability to impart knowledge," he continues, "My clients can better understand the process of purchasing real estate." Tater also uses his familiarity with the area and background in rental homes to help clientele. "I'm very good at picking rental properties that are going to have a positive cash flow on a monthly basis, but will also rent very easily."

Additionally, he helps homebuyers who may not know which neighborhoods are best for planting roots. "I know what areas have a tendency to hold their value," explains Tater. This former military dependent also identifies with service members and their families. No matter what his clients need, he draws on his convictions to yield the best results. "I'm very honest, and treat clients fairly and with the utmost respect."

When Tater is not helping others find their next homes, this avid surfer can be found at the beach or shaping his own surfboards. He has a passion for Biblical studies, his family, good coffee and fine food. He enjoys traveling; Hawaii is one of his favorite faraway places and the Outer Banks is a choice spot closer to home. This man of many talents even took hula while attending high school for a year in Hawaii. Tater lives with his family in Virginia Beach.

Recent Team Listings

Martin's' 46 Past Sales

Address Side Date Sold Price
3209 HEMLOCK DR Chesapeake VA 23321 Buyer 04/29/2016 $223,000
2154 REDGATE DRIVE Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 04/28/2016 $322,900
805 MOWBRY CT Chesapeake VA 23322 Buyer 03/28/2016 $320,000
27 GAINSBOROUGH PL Newport News VA 23608 Buyer 02/16/2016 $203,000
1559 CRESCENT POINTE LN Virginia Beach VA 23453 Buyer 01/28/2016 $154,900
3492 LANDSTOWN CT Virginia Beach VA 23453 Buyer 11/20/2015 $236,000
2009 CASSIDY COURT Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 11/18/2015 $319,900
100 EASTLAWN DR Hampton VA 23664 Buyer 11/13/2015 $172,500
24 MOSS AVE Hampton VA 23669 Buyer 05/22/2015 $225,800
114 Jaclyn Dr. Suffolk, VA 23434 Buyer 05/22/2015 $348,596
55 ALLEGHANY ROAD Hampton VA 23661 Buyer 04/24/2015 $235,000
93 CLIFTON ST Hampton VA 23661 Buyer 04/22/2015 $113,500
1044 NANSEMOND PARKWAY Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 04/15/2015 $149,000
7123 Arrington St. Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 03/31/2015 $245,900
1845 MOUNTAINSIDE AVE Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 03/20/2015 $210,000
1865 KEMPSVILLE CROSSING LANE Virginia Beach VA 23464 Buyer 02/23/2015 $277,000
1594 MILL OAK DRIVE Virginia Beach VA 23464 Buyer 01/05/2015 $216,500
2607 OAK AVE Newport News VA 23607 Buyer 11/25/2014 $89,500
700 NEW BERN AVE Hampton VA 23669 Buyer 11/20/2014 $155,000
8123a Norfolk VA 23518 Buyer 11/16/2014 $99,000
19 CREEKPOINT CV Newport News VA 23603 Buyer 10/28/2014 $165,000
6228 Cushing St. Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 10/02/2014 $201,250
13 Brookfield Dr. Hampton VA 23666 Seller 09/24/2014 $185,000
615 MILL CREEK PKWY Chesapeake VA 23323 Buyer 09/11/2014 $265,000
114 HARRISON ROAD Newport News VA 23601 Seller 08/25/2014 $166,900
20 ETHEL DR Hampton VA 23666 Buyer 06/27/2014 $209,800
3239 SAXON PL Virginia Beach VA 23453 Buyer 05/28/2014 $138,000
102 WILLOW WOOD DR Norfolk VA 23505 Buyer 04/21/2014 $111,000
1455 WESTOVER AVENUE Norfolk VA 23507 Seller 04/16/2014 $250,000
3 NORTHAMPTON DR Hampton VA 23666 Buyer 04/08/2014 $180,000
212 Stowe Dr. Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 03/20/2014 $348,460
945 LYM DR Virginia Beach VA 23464 Buyer 03/01/2014 $280,195
3535 AMHERST ST Norfolk VA 23513 Buyer 02/28/2014 $209,000
1718 CITADEL ROAD Norfolk VA 23518 Buyer 12/13/2013 $155,000
203 NORTHBROOKE AVE Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 11/07/2013 $200,000
1011 C Cabaret Ln Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 11/06/2013 $231,140
891 Huxley Ct. Virginia Beach VA 23462 Buyer 10/21/2013 $209,900
5870 PICKERING ST Virginia Beach VA 23462 Buyer 08/30/2013 $122,000
3527 CAMPION AVENUE Virginia Beach VA 23462 Buyer 07/30/2013 $206,000
1000 Godwin Ave Chesapeake VA 23324 Buyer 07/14/2013 $199,900
1018 KEEL ST Chesapeake VA 23324 Buyer 07/14/2013 $143,000
147 GRAYSON ST Portsmouth VA 23707 Buyer 07/06/2013 $220,000
8232 Lee Hall Dr. Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 05/22/2013 $204,295
1304 39th. St. Norfolk VA 23508 Buyer 05/01/2013 $175,000
5313 Leicester Ct. VIRGINIA BEACH VA 23462 Buyer 04/30/2013 $129,900
329 49th. St. Newport News VA 23607 Buyer 03/18/2013 $109,000