It is a common belief that the act of imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that belief has now carried over to and FIT Realty with Sara Scheier!  Sara and her family first heard of after searching for a trusted advisor and agent in Hampton Roads while living in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  The busy military family had received orders to relocate to Hampton Roads, and they needed an agent that understood what they needed as a military family, and that is exactly what she found with!  “Our agent had a fantastic personality and went the extra mile to help us with our real estate needs in finding a new home,” Sara explains, “she took her time, was comforting, and she even showed us homes via Skype!”

Sara loved her experience so much that when it came time to return to the workforce after being a dedicated stay-at-home mother, she got licensed in Virginia, and joined the team!  Having an extensive professional background in customer service and being a self-proclaimed “ ‘Market Junkie’ - I used to do market analysis for fun,” Sara is that genuine agent who understands the stresses of moving and finding a home in time crunch.  Sara understands the various pieces that need to work together when relocating a military family - from the VA Loan process, finding professional movers, and not letting distance be a factor - she is a great resource.  

Aside from understand the military relocation aspect of real estate, Sara is well-versed and knowledgeable of the online marketing field, and how it can impact buyers and sellers.  “I used to work with small businesses and helping them understand how the right SEO strategy and can help their business”.  Sara believed then, and still does now, that going the extra mile for someone is best way to build business relationships, and she finds joy in knowing that she had a helpful impact with her work.  

Even after 3 years of being back in Hampton Roads, Sara also enjoys where she lives even more for the sense of community she and her family are surrounded by.  “Community is so important, especially during deployments, because it’s comforting to know we are all there for one another”.  Sara is a proud Navy spouse and mother to her four children who keep her active when she is not helping find a home for her clients.  Her favorite place in all of Hampton Roads is the beach, especially with her little ones.  “I’m originally from the great state of Maine, and being at the beach reminds me of home, and I’m thrilled that my children enjoy the beach as well”.   

Recent Team Listings

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1408 MARSHALL, Norfolk, VA 23504
$214,900 | MLS #: 1637251
762 FREMONT, Norfolk, VA 23504
$104,900 | MLS #: 1638049
MM WILLOW ANTHONY, Suffolk, VA 23432
$409,900 | MLS #: 10104090
MM MYRTLE JOLLIFF, Chesapeake, VA 23321
$374,900 | MLS #: 10104993

Sara's' 28 Past Sales

Address Side Date Sold Price
181 Ridgewood Pkwy Newport News VA 23608 Buyer 07/21/2017 $205,000
1104 Ledgebrook Ct Chesapeake VA 23322 Buyer 07/14/2017 $337,500
280 Mockingbird Ln. Hampton VA 23669 Seller 07/13/2017 $235,000
22252 Charthouse Ln Carrollton VA 23314 Seller 07/10/2017 $345,000
22169 Northgate Dr. Carrollton VA 23314 Seller 04/28/2017 $410,000
948 Checkerspot Way Chesapeake VA 23323 Buyer 04/27/2017 $437,206
4631 Windermere Ave Norfolk VA 23513 Buyer 04/25/2017 $179,000
4324 Airline Blvd. Chesapeake VA 23321 Buyer 03/28/2017 $180,000
4141 PUGHSVILLE ROAD Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 03/03/2017 $300,050
8630 GRANBY STREET Norfolk VA 23503 Buyer 02/24/2017 $230,000
1733 DELANEY STREET Virginia Beach VA 23464 Buyer 02/13/2017 $215,000
13342 Country Walk Circle Carrollton VA 23314 Seller 02/10/2017 $347,000
544 ROSEMONT RD Virginia Beach VA 23452 Buyer 01/20/2017 $189,000
1731 Macedonia Avenue Suffolk VA 23436 Buyer 11/18/2016 $222,000
20564 REYNOLDS DRIVE carrollton VA 23314 Seller 10/21/2016 $125,000
248 North First St. Hampton VA 23364 Seller 10/21/2016 $555,000
4601 BUNKER HILL LANE Virginia Beach VA 23462 Buyer 10/21/2016 $233,000
9082 ECLIPSE DRIVE Suffolk VA 23433 Buyer 09/23/2016 $377,600
2222 ALABAMA AVE Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 09/16/2016 $118,000
2612 Gothic St Portsmouth VA 23707 Buyer 08/19/2016 $195,000
4237 DAYLE ACRES RD Suffolk VA 23435 Buyer 08/17/2016 $217,000
888 Olmstead Street Chesapeake VA 23323 Buyer 07/27/2016 $285,196
1941 BEAGLE WAY Virginia Beach VA 23453 Buyer 06/08/2016 $375,000
6561 GODWIN BLVD Suffolk VA 23432 Buyer 05/17/2016 $299,900
4172 SMOKEY LAKE DR Virginia Beach VA 23462 Buyer 04/29/2016 $195,000
703 BACK RIVER RD Hampton VA 23669 Buyer 04/11/2016 $229,000
5831 WOODSIDE LN Portsmouth VA 23703 Buyer 02/29/2016 $182,000
1818 MOUNTAINSIDE AVE Suffolk VA 23434 Buyer 01/15/2016 $223,000