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Laying the Groundwork

Long before Kenton McClung ever began building houses, he built a foundation of fortitude, integrity and commitment to excellence. His father helped teach him the value of an honorable work ethic to make sure when something is done, it better be done right. Growing up, McClung worked in his father's auto shop and learned the appreciation of satisfying customers as he helped rebuild classic cars. He later transitioned from cars to houses and the home building community is now better because of it.

Building Homes, Dreams and a Business

Being a class A builder helped McClung excel in various building positions because it allowed him to be able to identify with other builders, understand their needs and know exactly what it takes to help them attain more success. He has built many homes and through the school of hard knocks, learned quickly how to take care of any issues that arose with codes, zoning and soil problems that plague certain areas of Hampton Roads. “Because we built in so many cities…it made me learn quickly how to research land in a lot of different ways,” McClung explains. He learned to research the land thoroughly without leaving any measure to chance. McClung also discovered the power of building relationships with clients, builders and vendors.

Accepting New Challenges

Businesses and their focuses may change as times progress but commitment to service here remains the same. McClung has worked with this real estate group in one form or fashion from the very beginning and worn many hats in different divisions. “I've been here since ground zero,” McClung says with pride. Most recently, McClung accepted a staff position at “It was kind of a natural progression,” he adds. This new title involves cultivating relationships with area builders, serving as a liaison between community builders and agents, consulting custom builders, managing office efficiency and fielding questions about building, renovating, repairing, inspecting and constructing homes. Another one of his responsibilities will deal specifically with overseeing builder advertising companies within McClung is looking forward to one of the most rewarding aspects of his new position- watching the seeds he's worked hard to plant come to fruition in the form of new contacts, solid relationships and expansions.

Helping the Home Building Community

His new role, McClung reflects, is just part of his journey. His skills and vast building experience will allow him to offer a wide array of services to agents, builders and vendors alike which will increase their sales and foster new relationships. “We can concentrate on really boosting the builders we have out there now and helping them with marketing,” he explains. Assisting builders with changes in their products and moving current inventory are also high on his priority list. He will provide his personal contact information to builders so he can be available to answer questions when crews are on location. He will also be coordinating the product description hot sheets so these items make it into the hands of agents. “I'll be a go-to for the agents themselves if they want to call and ask about any specific builder's product line,” he adds. The role of overseeing the affiliated builder advertising companies will entail tracking preferred builder product lines in all of the communities of Hampton Roads.

Future Additions

McClung sees the future as only getting better for and its expanding network of both community and custom builders throughout Hampton Roads. He feels that if these businesses keep growing as they have been and continue to assist more and more people in the home building arena, then only the sky is the limit.